PJ's Hazelnut Flavored Coffee 12oz

PJ's Hazelnut Flavored Coffee 12oz


100% Ground Coffee

Our perfectly proportioned roast is creamy with the sweet, buttery taste of toasted hazelnuts. Aromatic and rich. Our Hazelnut Flavored Coffee is delicious and smooth — perfect on its own or with any fine dessert.

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Rule of Thumb for Brewed Coffee Yield

Bag Size (ounces)
12 oz (3/4 pound)

Number of standard cups of brewed coffee
Approximately 62 (9 oz. cups)

The information above can be used as a rule of thumb.  A lot of things determine the yield from a 12 oz bag of coffee, including personal taste preferences and how much coffee is used in brewing.  Since most people measure their coffee by volume instead of weight, we have converted weight (oz./lbs.) to volume (ounces) to create the table above

*Rule of thumb to convert (weight to volume) coffee:  1 pound of coffee equals 100 tablespoons of coffee (whole coffee beans or ground coffee)