Why is Infrared Roasted Coffee Better than the Normal Roasting Process?

Coffee Roaster

In conventional roasting, coffee beans are placed on a flat screen conveyor and the beans are roasted by blowing flame heated hot air from below. Another way to do this is to put the beans in a tumbler and blow the flame heated hot air as they tumble like a commercial dryer used at the cleaners. But in both cases, the flame could burn the beans or fail to cook them evenly. This also causes the formation of natural coffee acids that are responsible for heartburn, indigestion and upset stomach among others. People with sensitive stomachs usually have a difficult time tolerating these irritants.

To prevent this, we use infrared roasting where the beans are roasted in small batches to bring out the desired flavor and aroma.

With infrared technology, the beans heat quickly compared to those roasted by hot air. Due to the quick increase in internal temperature, the beans have less surface damage. They are uniformly heated and never burned. There is also a uniform and quick decrease in moisture, resulting in a perfectly roasted and delicious coffee bean. Furthermore, infrared roasting decreases the formation of citric acid, malic acid and formic acid that are naturally found in coffee beans.

Unlike conventional roasting, we air-vey each batch of coffee beans, release them  into a roasting drum where they are heated with infrared heat that gently and evenly raises the temperature of each bean to perfection. We then drop the coffee into a cooler, exposing it to ambient air and quench water to instantly stop the cooking process without raising the moisture and achieve the desired  caramelization (color specification) and roasting consistency.

Another advantage of infrared roasting is that it increases the aroma of coffee by over 25 percent than conventional roasting and when tested was found to carry the same standard to the cup. Extracts of the infrared roasted coffee beans were found to be different from traditional roasting. They had a weaker acidity, producing a better tasting coffee without any bitter taste.


Greener Technology

Infrared Roasting Technology is a greener roasting process. In addition to being better for the environment, it also creates defined taste characteristics and brings out the true quality of a coffee bean. Infrared burners can reduce harmful gas emissions by up to 50% compared to roasting on a traditional blue flame.


100% Arabica Beans vs Robusta Beans

We only use 100% Arabica Beans.

In addition, our beans are typically grade AA Arabica Beans. The grade is generally used to indicate coffee bean size, which is associated with coffee quality. The larger the bean the better the quality. AA Arabica beans are grown at higher elevations and tend to be denser, larger, and have better flavor. 

Robusta beans, which are lower in quality are used by many coffee companies because they are cheaper. However, they are also an inferior coffee bean. Robusta beans tend to be smaller and more bitter. Robusta trees are "robust", meaning they are less susceptible to pests and disease and yield more coffee crop, but they sacrifice quality and taste. 



  • Our coffee is never burnt, never bitter, and is full flavored with a very smooth finish.
  • We roast in small batches to draw out the richest flavor profiles using 100% Arabica Beans.
  • Infrared roasting helps preserve the natural antioxidant value in coffee that is beneficial to our body’s immune system.
  • Infrared roasting produces less harmful gas omissions making infrared roasted coffee a greener choice.


Infrared Roasting Technology Provides a Superior Coffee Experience!