PJ's Roasted Bean Office Coffee Program

Never run out of coffee again and provide your employees and clients with a superior tasting coffee experience!

PJs Roasted Bean Office Coffee Program

Research has shown that workers love to drink coffee – Approximately 65% of people drink coffee at the office, and they drink an average of two cups a day.

In addition to helping employees stay alert and awake, research also indicates that coffee improves performance by staying focused and improving memory. Providing your employees a quality office coffee program improves your culture, while allowing colleagues to collaborate. At every client meeting what do you offer your clients or what do they offer you when you go their office? 95% of the time it is coffee and/or water. Coffee starts the conversation, closes the deal, and keeps your team fueled and productive.

It is a simple perk that can improve morale.

Do You Need Equipment?

We have partnered with Gourmet Coffee Solutions to provide you with any one of HLF's Premium Italian Design Equipment and Accessories.  

Their fully automated equipment eliminates the need to grind, pack and tamp the coffee beans, or steam and froth the milk. In addition to PJ's Roasted Bean Coffee you get several other drink choices, including hot chocolate and chai tea. HLF equipment does all the work for you - at the push of a button!

HLF Espresso Equipment

PJ's Infrared Roasted Coffee Provides A Superior Tasting Coffee Experience!

With our simple and affordable coffee program, you will make a lasting impression on your company.


  • Our coffee is never burnt, never bitter, and is full flavored with a very smooth finish.
  • We roast in small batches to draw out the richest flavor profiles using 100% Arabica Beans.
  • Infrared roasting helps preserve the natural antioxidant value in coffee that is beneficial to our body’s immune system.
  • Infrared roasting produces less harmful gas omissions making infrared roasted coffee a greener choice.

Only around 2% of commercial coffee worldwide is infrared roasted. 

Did You Know?

Bloomberg research shows that millennials are pushing U.S. coffee demand to historic records, and 44% of female millennials are spending more money on their daily caffeine fix than they are saving for retirement -- so, it's safe to assume that "hot and black" coffee just won't cut it for them anymore. 

The National Coffee Association reports that between 2008 and 2016, consumption of gourmet coffee beverages soared from 13% to 36% among 18-24 year olds, and from 19% to 41% for those 25-39. 

You may not realize it, but coffee in the work place is a big deal. It shows employees that they are valued and appreciated. It brings collaboration and conversation to what could be a tireless, monotones day.

Employee Coffee Purchase Program

When you provide your employees with PJ's Infrared Roasted Bean Coffee at your company, your employees get an added benefit.  As a thank you for your business, we will allow your employees to order any of our coffee's at a discounted price online and have it delivered to them at work, free of charge, when we deliver your office coffee.  How often can you give your employees a benefit and save them money at the same time? 

Your Employees Will Get:

  • To choose from a variety of different flavor profiles from light roast to dark roast coffees
  • Whole Bean or Ground Coffee
  • 8 oz, 12 oz or 5 lb bags
  • 10% discount
  • Free Shipping to Your Office

Sample flyer announcing the Employee Coffee Purchase Program to your employees -  Click on Flyer To Enlarge

Let us provide You and your employees with a unique and superior tasting coffee experience!

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